All you need to Know about Bibiani Logging Company Limited

Bibiani Logging and Lumber Company Limited

Bibiani Logging and Lumber Company Limited, a wholly Ghanaian owned company was founded in 1946 and incorporated as a limited lia bilty company in 1960. BLLC has 4 Timber Utilization Contract (TUC) areas totalling 19, 809ha from where timber is harvested for processing at its Kumasi factory. Its average log input per year is 22,000m3. BLLC’s processing facility comprises of a sawmill, plywood & rotary veneer and a slice veneer factories. Monthly outputs are 600m3 kiln dried lumber, 1,200 m3 plywood and rotary veneer and 600,000m2 sliced veneer. The company employs 380 workers. Over 80% of all products are exported to countries including Germany, United Kingdom, China, the United States of America and Nigeria.


Its main traded wood species are:
Rotary Veneer & Plywood: Ceiba/Fuma (Ceiba pentandra), Koto (Pterygota macrocarpa), Ogea/Sopi (Danielia spp.), Otie (Pycnanthus angolensis).
Lumber (Kiln Dried) – FAS, N1C&S quality: Wawa/Ayous (Triplochiton scleroxylon), Mahogany (Khaya ssp.), Koto (Pterygota macrocarpa), Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum), Edinam (Entandrophragma  angolense), Odum/Iroko (Milicia excelsa) Danta (Nesogordia papaverifera).
Slice Veneer : (Entandrophragma cylindricum), Ofram (Terminalia superba), Edinam (Entandrophragma  angolense), Asanfena (Aningeria spp.), Mahogany (Khaya ssp.), Walnut (Lovoa trichilioides), Makore/Baku (Tieghemella heckelii).


Bibiani Logging and Lumber Company Limited (BLLC)

P. O. Box 170, Kumasi, Ghana.

Tel. : +233 3220 23322/23323/28361

Fax: +233 3220 28362


Contact Persons: Bernard Poku Kufuor (MD) , George Wereko Brobbey (GM)