Timber firms who want to be part of the cluster must:

• Be a small and medium size forest enterprises (SMFEs) with TUCs issued by the Minister of

Lands and Natural Resources and ratified by Parliament

• Be committed to the practice of responsible and sustainable forest management with the goal of

having their products certified by the FSC.

• Willing to take additional training to familiarize themselves with the Ghana Forest Management

Certification (GFMC) Standards.

• Willing to share information about certification with other clientele.

• Willing to follow the KWC Forest Certification Program Policies and Procedures Manual.

• Willing to share in the costs of implementation of the certification as determined by the KWC

•Willing to take the necessary safety precautions during harvesting operations that is wearing of

safety gears such as hard hat, approved footwear.

• Meet the minimum requirements for harvesting set in the Logging Manual and Silvicultural and

Environmental practices set in Forestry Commission’s Manual of Operations and Regulations.

• Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the group manager.